The speaker that encourages physical interaction

Touchscreen interfaces have weaved their way into the very fabric of our lives, from the device that connects us to the online world, through to the screen that controls the temperature within our homes. Whilst their uses are varied, they also cause a disconnect between us and the product… don’t we deserve warmer, more tangible interactions?

This was the motive for Sound Tool, a speaker that’s operation relies upon physical intuition, leading it to be emotionally stimulating! The main source of inspiration comes from the eccentric movement of a Conductor; as the volume of the orchestra increases, as too does the Conductors physical presence. This has been beautifully translated into Sound Tool by encouraging the user to increase the volume of the music by grabbing each end of the speaker and pulling them apart! It’s welcoming to see a product that encourages tangible interactions!

Designer: Ben Lorimore

Inspired by physical intuition and emotion. Taking cues from past rituals and interactions.

I took inspiration from how a conductor physically manipulates music.

Bigger = Louder

To increase the volume of Sound Tool, grab it and make it bigger. To decrease the volume, compress it. Fully collpase it to pause, Sound Tool will not play at 0% volume.

Louder = More Alive

When Sound Tool is louder, it feels more alive. When expanded, it opens up and gets brighter in color as a result of its pleated nature.