A camera carrying system that keeps camera handy, supports your creative workflow.


There are things that seem so logical and so right when you see them for the first time that you wonder why they weren’t there all the time. The SPINN camera carrying system is just like that. Designed for all professional DSLRs – and for DSLM cameras that are becoming increasingly popular – this system offers the comfort and handling benefit, that standard eyelets on every camera simply do not offer.

The strap is usually attached at the top of the camera so that it swings, rotates and moves. Carrying the camera becomes a real pain, especially if you’re using a larger zoom lens. Not to mention, how the strap gets in the way of your face every time you look into the camera’s viewfinder – a problem with a high annoyance factor, as it permanently disrupts a fluid and creative working subliminally.

With the SPINN CP.01 camera plate, the camera fits your body perfectly and the straps don’t interfere with your workflow, neither when you´re shooting handheld – nor from the tripod. It shifts your cameras center of gravity from top to base, where the strap is fixed now. The optimal distance of the eyelets leads to a perfect balance on your body, and so carrying the camera will be incredibly easy. In the chosen position it rests bombproof, and in the crucial moments, you will intuitively grab it.

The Spinn CP.01 is made to perfectly fit any DSLR or mirrorless camera through its reversible and slightly asymmetric design. Multiple slots allow you to choose a configuration that fits your camera the best. It is also designed to be compatible with the internationally widespread Arca-Swiss standard, making the CP.01 work with almost all commercially available tripods. Each CP.01 comes CNC machined from aluminum, ensuring precision, reliability, robustness, without noticeably weighing down the camera.

To seal the deal, Spinn even offers a handmade, broad-width strap that feels comfortable and distributes the camera’s weight without letting you feel the pressure!

Designers: Kai Wiehagen & Jorg Neugebauer

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