Because I Love to Scan

I love the idea of taking the scanner to the book rather than the other way around. Let me explain, my children have to often scan and print images and information for school projects. Many a times the books are these heavy encyclopedias (downloading from the internet is not the same as hardcopy books), and trying to scan fat books is troublesome. The concept Scan Board offers an easy solution; it captures the image of the page and transfers it to the computer via USB. Easy and no trouble at all!

Designers: Jo Jae-hwan and Shin Se-hwa


  • A says:

    This concept despreately needs two things: proof of concept and formal development.

  • A says:

    And, clearly, I need a proofreader.

  • jsj23 says:

    Nice idea! great!

  • anoush says:

    in my opinion, good aesthetics, however, potentially poor functionality. i’m no expert but 1/ the black strip that i’m assuming contains the technology seems rather unfeasible to actually house the scanning technology plus a battery etc. 2/ doesn’t a scanner need a dark place to operate, hence the closing lid? when the lid is open on my scanner, the unwanted light creates a scan that is, um, crap tbh.

  • tom says:

    you can skanned.

  • lancers says:

    yes. i agree with you.
    but i thank it is count to use

  • jimmy c says:

    What I’m mot worried about is how you can tell which page you’re scanning. But if this ever came out, I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

  • zisui says:

    Where can we buy it?
    How much is it?

  • Jason Wang says:

    Let’s just shoot a laser across a piece of glass to scan and maintain images. Yes. And then not explain how that works. At all.

    If I knew it was this easy to get a concept known, nicely rendering a slab of glass and adding ridiculously impossible functions, I might as well lower my own standards.

    Maybe it’s time to make that thin granite slab/foot masseuse/cold ice cream stone I’ve always been wanting to make.

  • Michael Agee says:

    Love the idea I’m Jealous please continue will be first in line to buy.

    I have some designs of my own would like to contact you for a critique.

    Thanks fallow Designer

    Michael Agee

  • Anon says:

    And I propose a Star Trek style teleporter. You’ve already seen it in the movies, so by this artist’s logic, it must be possible.

  • xplus93 says:

    To all the people saying this technology is impossible you’re wrong. Its easy, it been around for a while now. I will admit that the battery is an issue plus reprojecting the image onto the glass like it shows, but a black and white scanner like this without the display part is very possible and I think you can already buy one.

  • Paul O'Donovan says:

    why not embed a series of gradually incremented micro-prisms, or mirrors positioned at 90 Degrees?

    Rediculous? Impossible? I’m sure in the age of fibre optics and keyhole surgery etc you could just shine a light in and get light from ‘around the corner’ to bounce back.

    Then use software to reconstruct the perfect image. Imaging software is thankfully just about at this stage. I’d see how they do it (photoshop).

    I would propably close the book to keep it dark, but I want to scan covers too of course.. provide a dense cloth for cleaning, which also functions as a light blanket.

  • Roccondil says:

    note that the scanner DOES operate in the dark- the book is closed around it.

  • jojaehwan says:

    thank you!

  • Capt Obvious says:

    You would carry that around?

  • Lynn Kate says:

    is this available yet?
    cannot find any information.
    But it seems that ppl are using camera to scan and get good result.

  • Amanda says:

    That is why the second row of side by side pictures shows the book closed over the scan board as it is scanning so the unwanted light doesn’t come in.

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  • Mr. T. says:

    Really it’s a Star Trek movie concept device.

    How can a laser scan? A laser can only emits light on a specific wavelength. It can’t capture light.

    Also, suppose that the light is from the laser, how the light is captured? Is the hole glass is a big CCD or CMOS image sensor? Or there is a moving internal device sensor to scan the page surface?

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