This beam projector’s detachable speakers make for an immersive viewing experience

Immersing yourself in an intense movie or relaxing with friends on a cold winter’s nights are all well and good if you can afford the luxury of a 100inch TV, but when you’re huddled around a more commonly sized TV, the experience is somewhat diminished. This explains the reasoning for the growing popularity of beam projectors, and this demand led to the development of ASSEMBLE.

ASSEMBLE undoubtedly elevates the experience of watching a film by providing the users with a cinema-level experience in the comfort of their living rooms. In addition to projecting the action onto a nearby wall, the speakers that make up ASSEMBLE’s body can be removed and placed wherever the user desires, for an engaging, surround sound experience!

Every-last detail, from the finger-grooves in the speaker through to the accompanying remote, have been considered in great depth. This leads to a device that we would quite happily have to replace our out-dated looking TVs!

Designers: Joonho Sung & Dong young Hong