A London skyscraper is going to get the world’s first 360° infinity pool. Right on its terrace!

Imagine having nothing but the sky in your horizon, clouds above you, and even below you… right in the heart of your city. This isn’t a surreal dream, but is the experience Infinity London hopes to provide, with its 360° infinity pool, located right at the pinnacle of a skyscraper in London. The vision for Infinity London is rather unique. A 600,000 liter infinity pool with an edge-less design on all four ends, giving you a stunning reflection of the sky above you, interrupted by concrete, tiles, or ladders. The pool’s design is absolutely pristine, unblemished by any extraneous element, and all the swimmers will be able to see is the water around them and the sky above them. In fact, the pool’s walls and floor are made from tough, transparent Acrylic too, giving you the impression of swimming in a magical, self-contained block of water.

Conceptualized by Compass Pools, the Infinity London will sit atop a 55-storey hotel in London. Contractors and partners have yet to be confirmed, but construction could begin as early as 2020. While its design is absolutely impressive to look at, it doesn’t come without its fair share of complications… one being the absence of a poolside or a ladder. In an effort to present an unblemished, completely clear pool design, Compass Pools had to relook how swimmers would enter and exit the pool without the presence of a ladder or a poolside. The solution sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. Swimmers enter the pool from its base, via a spiral staircase that opens up like a submarine door to allow you to enter or exit the pool without water spilling out, or without having a detail like a common ladder obstruct the pristine design of the pool. The pool will provide a stunning view of London like never before, allowing you to swim while looking at the city from up above, when you stand at the edge of the pool. Stand in the center, and all you see is the sky above, and a reflection of the sky on the water below you. It truly sounds like a magical experience!

Designer: Compass Pools