Everyone needs a throne – A Hammock Throne. Even if you don’t have trees!


The lounger, recliner, and couch have come of age – it’s the era to usher in better ways to sit… and feel like royalty. Thanks to the ‘Hammock Throne’, you can literally feel like that. One of the biggest problems with hammocks is that you need two trees (or poles) to hold them up, and typically they are placed outdoors. Even the home-swing doesn’t match up to the comfort of lazing in the comfortable embrace of a hammock.

Folks at Yellow Leaf are solving for this, by giving us the Hammock Throne. Kind of an indoor/outdoor hammock chair; this full-body contraption features a 360° swivel thanks to the anchor base. Simply sit back, relax and swivel all around on a whim. I’d put this free-standing hammock in my living room, where will you?

Designer: Rachel Connors

Click Here to Buy Now: $1,299 $2,499 ($1,200 off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

MINIMALIST FOOTPRINT: You can tuck your Hammock Throne into a quiet corner, make it the centerpiece of your living room or bring it outdoors for the summer!

360° PANORAMIC SWIVEL: The Swivel provides maximum versatility and a 360° panoramic view. We designed the swivel using a sophisticated and high end CrossRoller Bearing for a super-smooth glide. (We’ve literally seen a 1-year-old push a 200 lb adult in a full circle!)

VERSATILITY – FROM “CHAIR” TO “FULL-LENGTH” HAMMOCK: Despite its low profile and minimalist footprint, the Hammock Throne extends from a chair into a full-size hammock when you kick back to snooze– You can recline more than 7 feet! Joe (pictured) is 6’2″ and he has plenty of room to spare!)

THE “ANCHOR” BASE: The pressed steel base is an anchor of stability. It requires 600 tons of pressure to shape the perfectly symmetrical base. TBH, this was one of the more complex elements to nail down, but super important to the overall relaxation experience.

“MARINE-GRADE” OUTDOOR DURABILITY: The Hammock Throne is designed to look great in your home, but made with the durability to live outdoors. Our solution-dyed Performance Yarn is the gold standard for outdoor fabric – 100% weathersafe and UV-resistant. For extreme durability, The Hammock Throne’s metal elements are powder-coated using Akzonobel, the same super-tough coating they use to protect the Siberian gas pipelines from the elements (that’s TOUGH stuff!).

SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED BEECHWOOD: Keeping in line with our commitment to positive social and environmental impact, our hardwood is sustainably harvested (and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council). The graceful curves of its bent hardwood frame are made from beechwood, which was selected for the beauty of its grain and the strength of its timber. Each millimeter of wood is precision-milled by a CNC machine for meticulous perfection.