Changing the Way You Listen to Music!


While speakers are something we see a lot of here at Yanko Design, this neat little product stands out. For it aims to be far more than ‘just another’ Bluetooth speaker by instead changing the way the user listens to music! This is Tone and Tune.

The user streams music from their mobile device to the speaker, where Tone and Tune give them the ability to tune their music using the vibration frequency of materials; every material offers a unique vibration frequency which is caused by its thickness, density, patterns and many more parameters. These materials have been formed into the iconic, distinctive and rather appropriate form of a vinyl.

While the concrete exterior may not be to everyone’s taste, it serves a purpose; distortion and unnatural tone are unfortunate by-products of speakers made from low-cost materials. A dense material was required to encase the speaker, and so, concrete was chosen!

Designer: JeongHwan Sohn


“In the past, I placed an vinyl on the turntable and played music listening. It is now common to stream and listen to songs via Bluetooth speakers. The design adjusts the tone desired by the user by using the vibration frequency of the materials,” designer Sohn told YD.


The materials has its own vibration frequency. Using frequency, thickness, thin, patterns etc can be used to create unique tone by vibration. I focused on the vibration frequency of the material and reinterpreted vinyl,” Sohn continued.