The Overlap Watch is full of quirky minimalism


With a watch-face that’s practically a minimalist artpiece, the Overlap by Alvaro Alvarez and Maria Lopez for Projects Watches quite literally makes it look like the watch band is entering the body and weaving right through the dial of the watch. Of course, with the lovely combination of black (band and body) along with the white face of the watch, you’ve got something that isn’t just unusual, it’s high-contrast too, which makes its unusual ‘overlap’ stand out from afar.

Even the hands on the watch evoke the feeling of overlap. Right at the center, you’ve got a small seconds dial that rotates mechanically like a gear, while the hour and minute hands at the rim of the watch look like two puzzle pieces that fit together when they align. The thicker hour symbol does a slow, methodical rotation around the rim, while the slimmer minute symbol does a full round every 60 minutes, overlapping graphically with the hour symbol 22 times in the entire day. A perfect watch for the quirky, minimalism lover!

Designers: Alvaro Alvarez & Maria Lopez for Projects Watches

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