Connections are Everything

The conceptual Opportune smartphone app tracks a user’s interests based on keywords from their Facebook updates, web searches, and frequented sites and gives them real-time geolocated “connections” that might be able to help them with something they’ve been searching for. For example, someone in the market for a house could walk in to a coffee shop and see that a real estate agent is at the same coffee shop. With a simple click of a button the two can link up and talk business within minutes!

Designer: Itai Miller


  • Kid says:

    My brain just exploded.

  • Apps like that are on the rise. I’ve seen a few apps that scrub twitter geolocation data along with foursquare and basically let you know what’s happening where and who is there with you ie. I’m at a coffeeshop and I can see four fellow twitter users are there with me or I can find that a few random cool people are there so I can tweet them saying “Hey! I’m here” and approach them.

    I love the concept, can’t wait to see it implemented better in real life 🙂

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