The Natural Evolution of Motorbike Dashboard Displays

Look at any dashboard on a motorbike and you’ll see a few key elements that haven’t really changed for decades. Occupying the most amount of space is undoubtedly the speedometer, followed by the fuel gauge… but ask yourself this. How often do you need to look at the speedometer to see exactly which speed you’re going at? Chances are, if you’ve got a mobile phone mounted on your dashboard, you’re MUCH more likely to look at navigation rather than at your speed… so why haven’t dashboards evolved to accommodate for information we’re more likely to need?

Until motorcycles DO change their legacy dashboards to include a navigation system, we’ve got the Beeline Moto, a product that follows the line of necessity being the mother of invention. A slick, circular display on a hockey-puck shaped device that secures beautifully to your bike’s existing dashboard, the Beeline Moto acts as a navigation unit, giving you directions to your destination in a manner so natural, it guides you without distracting you from your driving.

The way the Beeline Moto delivers information to you is worth appreciating. Rather than the complicated bird’s eye view of roadways with a blue dot or arrow that moves along the line of the route, the Beeline Moto keeps things basic by just simply telling you where to go. Built with an E-Ink display that’s high-contrast in the daylight, and backlit at night, the Beeline UI is just a rotating arrow that points at where you need to be headed. No complicated road maps, or voice instructions that announce names of roads, often confusing you rather than guiding you, all the Beeline Moto does is point you in the right direction.

The Beeline Moto pairs with your smartphone, allowing you to set your end-destination on your mobile, while the Beeline app does the rest. Once you’ve done that, the Beeline Moto guides you using route set by the app, without needing to rely on a network connection. The Beeline Moto works in two modes. A route mode plots a route for you to follow, and the arrow on the UI guides you through it, while a compass mode simply points at your end-destination, allowing you to pick which routes you want to take (ideal if you’re familiar with roads, or if you just want to explore new routes).

Designed much like the original Beeline for bicycles, the Beeline Moto comes with a waterproof, shockproof housing that elegantly yet securely straps to all bikes with a twist-lock mount. Built with a 30-hour battery life (rechargeable via USB) and the ability to be used on all motorbikes and scooters, the Beeline Moto is the motorbike dashboard’s much-needed upgrade.

Designer: Sam Lucas

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Beeline Moto is the antidote to navigation frustration. Everything about it has been built with elegant simplicity in mind. From the clean navigation interface and fast setup with your smartphone, through to the super long battery life and the award winning rugged design, they have put your needs first throughout.


Simple, Safe Navigation

Beeline Moto’s interface guides you in the clearest manner possible with one big arrow pointing in the direction you need to be heading right now. Simple! No complex instructions, no detailed maps. It’s stripped back to the essential information you need in the moment, leaving you to focus on what’s important – the road or trail ahead of you.




Whether that’s guiding you precisely along a set route along the coast, or from point to point off the beaten track, it’s wonderfully intuitive. You don’t navigate, you flow.


Easy Route Planning & GPX Upload

The Beeline app (iOS & Android) makes planning routes a breeze: quick location search; save favourite places; drag and drop pins to create your perfect route; save routes and share with friends. No PC connection required!

Want to try something new? There’s a wealth of great routes out there created by adventurers who’ve gone before us. Take advantage of it by following their routes. Import GPX files into Beeline in seconds.


Global Coverage Out of the Box

In this day and age it shouldn’t be the norm to pay for and update maps every time you go to a new place. Beeline maps have global coverage from day 1 and always stay up to date, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Once you’ve set up your route, no data connection is required meaning you can ride off the grid. Also great for saving on data costs when travelling abroad.

N.B. Due to local regulation, we can’t currently guarantee functionality in mainland China

Extraordinary Battery Life

Super low power screen technology means Beeline Moto’s 350mAh battery lasts for 30 hours of use between charges. To put that into context, a Garmin Zumo lasts for 4 hours, a TomTom Rider lasts for 6.

GPS and data optimization means your phone can last all day too.

Waterproof. Shockproff. Adventure-proof.

Fully waterproof, shockproof and a rock solid attachment mechanism mean Beeline Moto is ready for whatever you can throw at it. The transflective memory-in-pixel display is visible in the brightest sunlight and a built in backlight automatically turns on at dusk.

Twist Lock Mount To Fit Any Bike

Beeline Moto’s twist lock fitting holds it on your bike securely, snapping on and off in a moment. A range of bar and tank mounts attach it to any motorcycle or scooter. When off the bike, the compact size slips into a pocket easily.


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