Brace yourself. Jet-suits are here!

In all honesty, I expected Elon Musk to develop this, and give us complete Tony Stark feels, but nevertheless… Gravity Industries have rolled out a prototype of their jet-suit which literally gives you the power of Iron Man style flight.

With an intense horsepower of 1050, the jet-suit can lift you off the ground and even hurtle you forward at speeds of 30mph (the record highest for jet-suit travel, apparently). While it isn’t as elegant as the Marvel superhero’s exoskeleton, it’s a start, with 6 thrusters in total (2 on each hand and 2 more at the back). What’s better is that this isn’t just a sample suit for testing purposes, or a suit commissioned by the military. It’s literally available to the public… although you’d need $447,000 to fulfill your childhood fantasies of being Iron Man.

Designer: Gravity Industries