A Light That Has Personality!


We love a product that has a bit of personality about it, and every so often we come across one that we just can’t resist talking about! Junts is one of them. It was created on the basis that each of the two shapes are at a loss without one another, this is reflected in its name which in Catalan means “together”.

The rounded rectangular shape of the main body lends itself to holding tall items such as books and magazines. Alternatively, it can be left empty to create a more sculpture-like appearance. Onto the rectangle the bulbous, spherical, wooden light can be attached, and it’s up to the user where exactly they would like it to be positioned thanks to the integrated magnet!

The seemingly unlimited compositions allow Junts to be suitable for a plethora of uses; from a stylish yet functional reading lamp, to a side lamp that gently illuminates the room.

Designers: Agota Rimsaite & Cristina Sanchez Hidalgo