An iPhone 11 Pro in a Cybertruck’s skin

Call it a match made in heaven, or call it an unholy union. The guys at Caviar, famous for their custom-made iPhones, have launched the Cyberphone, an iPhone 11 Pro’s soul in the body of a Cybertruck.

Quite inspired by Jonas Daehnert’s Cyberphone, this pimped-out iPhone 11 Pro comes with a PVD-coated titanium body featuring a polygonal edgy design reminiscent of the ‘polarizing vehicle’. The body extends all the way to the front, entirely covering the screen like a clamshell phone (so there’s never a repeat of the ‘shattered-glass’ incident), but with the hinge located at the bottom edge. The unique hinging mechanism allows the phone to immediately have a kickstand that you can use anywhere to prop the phone up on a table as you show it off… because with a price tag north of $5,000, you GOTTA show this phone off.

Designer: Caviar