Cool It, and Party!


I’m all about having fun parties, family gatherings and cooking up enough food to feed an army. But there is one thing that can get a little frustrating when you have your veggies, fruits and dips sitting out for lengthy periods of time – they start to look wilted and taste warm. No one enjoys that.

I think Industrial Designer, Brad Rolston from Willington, New Zealand is on the exact same page as I am when he came up with the idea of the Refrigerated Surface. Cold air is created by the embedded copper coils that compress gas – much like how a traditional refrigeration cools. The air blade traps cold air next to the surface allowing for more optimal cooling and less temperature loss.

Rolston hopes the concept can be integrated into kitchen and lounge table surfaces in the future. I think it’s a fabulous idea – I mean, who doesn’t come to a party just for the food? Okay, beers great too, but wilted veg? No thanks!

Designer: Brad Rolston