Headgear for Little Humans


This visually appealing and highly functional baby helmet Amor is a strong example of good design. S2VICTOR, the studio behind Amor, have paid close attention to detail and sacrificed little with safety here. From ventilation and skin irritation to quick releasing buckles and easy to clean fabrics, Amor offers A(lot)more upon the second inspection.

Amor is based on the average infant head sizes between 6 to 12 months of age. S2VICTOR set out to find a balance between a cute and sophisticated design. The Amor seamlessly blends between these two styles. With the added lip to the front of the helmet, Amor becomes this playful, cool cap in a sense. The option of breathable material gives choice to an array of colorful combinations. This safety helmet has now got the potential to become an everyday accessory.

The chin strap is fully detachable from the helmet, with a magnetic overlap at the rear making it easy to remove in any given situation. The release clasp for the chin strap is located close to the helmet itself, trading places from its usual placement below the chin. Instead, what you will find here is a soft fabric replacement to prevent any discomfort from the Nylon strap.

The Amor is a carefully designed step forward for safety equipment, we can only hope they consider an adult version to match.

Designers: S2VICTOR Studio, Jo-Young Choo, Sejung OH & Hongseok Seo