Chic Cycling Shoe

The Urbanized Cycling Shoe was designed with two goals in mind: keep riders dry and look good while doing it. With standard cleats riders must carry a second pair of shoes to change in to after riding, but this concept is less rigid while being more waterproof, making them comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Built in LED lights at the heels also provide a layer of safety not offered by current cleats. Minimal, sleek and stylish, you might find yourself wearing them even when you’re not cycling!

Designer: Jillian Tackaberry


  • Looks allright, I wouldn’t choose to ride with cleats in the city, but still.. (I used to have ‘double’ pedals on the bike I used in town, regular on one side, cleats on the other)

    Also, the writer of this article has clearly never tried to walk any distance on cycling shoes. Besides it being quite uncomfortable, there is a high risk of damaging the floor, so you wouldn’t want to use them indoors…

  • Mario says:

    Very nice concept, might be a bit difficult to clip in with no channel in the sole leading to the cleat. I’d buy a pair of those.

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