IVs Made Easy


The Smart Roller Clamp utilizes a minimalistic yet effective user interface to simultaneously make nurses’ job easier and reduce human error. Traditionally, nurses would have to make visual and mental calculations (more like guesses) for correct IV concentration and timing. Smart Roller Clamp enables nurses to use the turntable on the roller clam to input the amount of solutions in the IV bag and the time required. It determines the factual rate of flow needed. No more inaccuracy due to mental and visual calculations. No more wasting time due to unit conversions. It is also integrated with a Bluetooth feature that notifies nurses at the nursing station which IV bag is out of solutions or even IV blockage.

Designer: Chun-Tung Lin, Yu-Han Lai





  • Abdulkarim AlDabbagh says:

    Hello, we are interesting to have sample from this roller clamp to be marketed here in Big hospitals in Saudi, what is the procudure ?

  • Eliud says:

    This is a solution in search of a problem. The simple and historically effective roller-clamp had a major advantage over this electronic solution: the mechanical clamp is fail safe. Errors are caused by humans, not by failed electronics or dead batteries. Simplicity not complexity is the answer.

  • nikkie says:

    How much of smart roll clamp? Who is Taiwan’s agent?
    The product has certification?

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