iPhone 4G Future Planning In Solid Wood

We know the iPhone 4G will soon grace us in about a week (unofficially) but that didn’t stop designers dreaming up awesome peripherals for it. The Wooden Wood dock is future planning for a device that we know you’ll be in line for. If the rumors are true, the mix of metal, plastic, and glass need something more substantial and eco-friendly than an ordinary dock. As Mr. Woodchuck would say, “is it made of … wood?”

Designer: Chris Chan

Wooden Dock for iPhone 4G by Chris Chan





  • Cesar Urriola says:

    It`s so good to see than you can make design with the trash of the big wood manufacturer.
    Congrats for you idea.

  • reality says:

    what is the clear section of the packaging made from? transportation, storage manufacture all use plastics. its hard to say this is a green product and to hint that it is when it isnt is bad too.

  • Steve says:

    Docks have a cable to transfer data and charge the device. I don’t see one. Looks like this is just a stand and not actually a dock.

  • GUNDAM says:


    I can spend 1 hour to make a similar~

  • green eggs says:

    heck.. docks like this are on ebay .. and they cant get .$99 cents for them..lol..

    but..pretty nice 3d rendering tho…

  • Thomas says:

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