The Notebook Calibrated for Creativity

No matter how digital we become, a creative always comes back to his/her traditional notebook to capture ideas. There’s something very pleasing about taking a pen and pencil and capturing your mind and its ideas in a journal. Plus they say you’re much more capable of remembering things you’ve written down, rather than snapping pictures of, or recording them.

The Approach Notebook was created specifically to be the creative’s perfect notebook (yes the concept exists). Ideally sized, with just the correct type of paper, the Approach Notebook was actually designed with a brief in mind. To be a hybrid solution that takes the good bits from both real notebooks and note-taking apps.

The Lite variant of the Approach was designed for the digitally inclined creative. Realizing that every creative always tends to go back to paper and pen to capture notes and ideas while working on a digital device, the Lite’s soft-bound design is easy to carry, and even lays flat on a desk when opened, giving you the freedom to sketch freely using both pages as a single canvas (without the book-spine interrupting you). The pages on the Lite are easy to tear off too, allowing you to discard older/unneeded notes, or take out high-priority notes and place them on a board, etc.

The Lite’s much more seasoned hard-bound counterpart, the Professional, comes with a wonderful faux-leather cover and a Moleskine-esque band that holds the book together. The Professional was designed for its namesake, the professional creative who thoroughly relies on notebooks to capture ideas, thoughts, and take notes. While the Lite was made for swift and effective note-taking, the Professional was designed for more meticulous use. With more pages than the Lite, and five different types of layouts (from blank, to ruled, grid, and calendar styles), the Professional suits all needs.

However, the Approach’s pièce de résistance is its holistic approach to note-taking. Along with the Professional comes a series of add-ons that completely elevate the note-taking experience, bringing into it features that one often sees in note apps. Sticky notes come made in the same international paper as the notebooks themselves, allowing one to add/replace pieces of text, or even extend the page to create extra writing space. Along with the sticky notes even come highlighter notes that allow you to add removable highlights to one’s texts without having to search for or use a highlighter pen. Users can even mark tabs or create separations in their notes using faux-leather index stickers, made from the same leather used in the cover. These stickers are detachable and reusable, allowing you to create and modify indexes. Lastly, the notebooks come with a set of multiple bookmark ribbons that can be fastened at the back and inserted into important pages, allowing you to bookmark more than one page without having to resort to methods like dog-earing pages.

Unlike most notebooks that just bind papers together, the Approach does a serious analysis of its target audience. With the Lite, it creates a perfect tool for the swift doodler, who needs scraps of paper to rapidly jot down schematics and ideas… and with the Professional, it creates perhaps the most perfect blend of traditional and virtual note-taking features, combined into a durable stitch-bound, leather-covered book that any creative would impulse-buy first, and genuinely fall in love with later!

Designer: Approach

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Click here to Buy Now: $22.00 for the Lite Notebook FULL Kit