A ‘Stroke’ of genius!


AI makes a great assistant. However, it also makes a great coach. Pair AI with the appropriate set of sensors and it could arguably be the best trainer in the world. Ask the guys at Zepp. They built a 3D sensor and an AI to completely uplift your golf game. The Zepp Golf 2 comes as a successor to the original Zepp Golf sensor. Made to be more compact in size (with better battery life), the Zepp fastens itself to your glove, accurately mapping your swings and strokes in realtime as well as in 3D. You can literally see stats with the kind of professionalism you would find in high-end sports games. Take a swing of a golf club and it will immediately capture data on club speed, club plane, hand plane, temp, backswing angle, hip rotation and hand speed. It then presents the data to you (or even your trainer) for further analysis.

However, as impressive as the sensor may be, the fact that it pairs itself with highly capable AI is what makes the Zepp Golf 2 such a winner. It tracks strokes and also shows you how close to (or far from) perfect your shot was. You can even compare your swings against a selection of golf pros. Take a few test strokes and the mobile app gives you data of your swings with stunning accuracy, telling you what your strengths are and where your faults lie. The Zepp Golf 2 even comes with a Smart Coach that allows you to choose certain drills or practice exercises to perfect your shots. Feeling a little clueless? The Smart Coach analyzes your performance and prepares a tailor-made practice routine for you to up your game. With the level of mapping and number-crunching the Zepp’s sensor and app does, it might just one day replace real coaches or even work alongside them, to give you a training session filled with a coach’s wisdom and state-of-the-art technology’s accuracy.

What’s more, Zepp makes similar sensors for tennis and baseball players too!

Designer: Zepp