The Nissan Caravan Office Pod is a portable workstation + camper to help retain your work-life balance

One of the most surprising trends of 2020 has been the demand for campers and trailers in the market that vouch to enhance your adventure experience while providing you with a cozy space to sleep at night. Not only that, you can carry loads of gear and other luxuries like a full-blown kitchen to always feel at home while out in the majestic natural settings. So, what about professionals who are workaholics – craving a personal space while experiencing the most beautiful landscapes? After all working from one place all the time can be downright boring, isn’t it?

Nissan NV350 Caravan Office Pod Concept is your ticket to freedom when it comes to working productively after witnessing the most mesmerizing sunset from your favorite picturesque location on the outskirts of the city or maybe even on an adventure trip. The mobile office pod housed inside the back of the van is something you’ll be so desperate to jump right into. In ways, it can rival the most jaw-dropping work from home setups without a semblance of doubt. The smartphone-controlled office pulls out from the back of the van out in the open and is for sure a dope for people who love working amidst natural settings. It has one button touch retracting or expanding motion for the whole office pod, electrically actuated shades, and a glove box loaded with UV antibacterial lamp for hygiene. For working comfort, there’s a Herman Miller Cosm chair with a polycarbonate floor, and an ambient light setting that can be toggled according to your liking. After all, when you’re surrounded by nature, you can easily step out and walk on real grass to give you a breather. They say inspiration is the requisite for unleashing your creativity and we see no better way to get inspired and remain inspired by than to drive to your favorite location or camping grounds and make the most of our current work from home situation.

When you’ve worked enough for the day or simply want to take a short break between work, just climb on top of the luxurious roof balcony with a rooftop deck for relaxing in style. This area can be accessed from inside the vehicle for that much elusive personal freedom and solitude. This caravan has been released at the Virtual Auto Salon 2021 as a part of the new avenues for electric vehicles. The Office Pod Concept on the Nissan NV350 Caravan is one of them, and boy is it impressive. I’m already getting imaginative with the scenarios this caravan can bring to the fore. Working was never this much fun and exciting!

Designer: Nissan