Acoustical Artwork!

The idea of combining sound and decor has been long dabbled with. We talked earlier about the Mellow Table, a three legged side-table that dropped some serious bass. Even Bang and Olufsen’s BeoSound Shape does something to this degree (although at a tune of $4,266 for a starter kit). VisualSonic by Digital Oasis steps into that same territory by combining art and audio into an audiovisual delight for the senses.

Pairing with a wide variety of indie artists spanning different styles, Digital Oasis created a speaker that camouflages itself as a hanging work of art. Measuring only 25mm thin (just like any normal framed artwork), and 500mm x 500mm in size, the VisualSonic speaker/painting hangs on the wall, catching eyes and ears alike. VisualSonic uses the hollow space behind a canvas to conceal two 10W vibration speakers. These speakers don’t produce sound on their own, but rather, transfer vibrations to a resonance panel, and the artwork. The panel and artwork vibrate ever so slightly, like the diaphragm of a speaker, to produce the sound. VisualSonic therefore relies on a careful selection of materials to make sure the sound is just right. In fact, it has a frequency range of 150Hz to 20KHz (which takes care of the low, mid and high end).

The VisualSonic works on Bluetooth 4.0 and has a playback time of 6 hours on a full charge. It comes with its own Li-ion battery and can be charged via MicroUSB. The interesting bit is that it even uses Bluetooth’s TWS technology, allowing you to pair two artworks together and use them as stereo speakers with perfect synchronization.

Probably the only few pieces of art you could actually listen to, the VisualSonic comes with some pretty neat visual imagery. Collaborating with artists over different styles ranging from illustration, to pop art, to even 3D and abstract art, there’s an art-speaker for everybody. Pair that with a playlist of your favorite music, and your relationship with art is given a whole new meaning!

Designers: Stephen Lam & Digital Oasis Design Team

BUY NOW: $97.00 $199.00









BUY NOW: $97.00 $199.00