Snapmaker Artisan can expertly 3D print, laser cut, and CNC carve, all in one consumer-friendly machine

Meet the Artisan, a one-of-a-kind 3D printer that builds on Snapmaker’s modular architecture but pushes the limit on what a single machine can do. With a simple swap of modules, the Artisan can alternate between dual-extrusion 3D printing, 10W laser cutting/engraving, and 200W CNC carving/cutting. Occupying just a little more space than your regular desktop 3D printer, the Snapmaker Artisan turns your tabletop into a fab-lab that’s perfect for hobbyists and creators, design studios, and even engineering prototype requirements.

Designer: Snapmaker

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Designed as a successor to the Snapmaker 2.0 (which holds multiple design/tech awards and the title of the most crowd-funded 3D printer on Kickstarter in 2019), the Artisan, which is available for pre-order starting today (August 9th), pushes the limits of what a modular fabrication station can do. It sports up to a 400mm x 400mm x 400mm work area that isn’t limited to just 3D printing, because just like the Snapmaker 2.0, the Artisan comes with swappable modules that also let you perform CNC-machining and laser-cutting operations. As a result, you can push the boundaries and prototype/print much larger items like a full-face helmet or a kid’s stool without worrying about any sizing constraints. This is more than your regular desktop printer could ever achieve – not to mention the Artisan can CNC cut/carve and laser cut too.

As an upgrade to its predecessor, the Artisan uses industrial-grade linear modules that are machined on the micron-level for a kind of accuracy, stability, and rigidity that even the Snapmaker 2.0 can’t match. This means much more reliable prints and carvings with minimum inaccuracies.

300ºC Dual Extrusion 3D Printing

Break-away filament offers the same support as normal materials but is much easier to remove without the need for further post-processing.

Artisan is equipped with a Dual-extrusion 3D Printing Module that supports PVA, HIPS and other dissolvable materials. Simply soak the print and the supports will dissolve, leaving the model with smooth surface finishes.

The Artisan isn’t just more precise, it’s also more powerful. For starters, the 3D printing module comes with dual extrusion nozzles and the ability to heat filaments up to 300°C. While extruding in two materials unlocks a wide range of design possibilities, the Artisan’s dual-extrusion 3D printing module now also supports PVA, HIPS, and other dissolvable materials, letting you go beyond just ‘breakable support structures’ and actually print supports that can dissolve to give you perfect prints every time. Moreover, the modularity extends within the 3D printing module too, as the Artisan for the first time lets you swap out hot-ends based on the filament and the nozzle-size requirement. The company also allows you to purchase more customized hot ends with nozzle diameters from 0.2 to 0.8 mm, and hardened steel nozzle which enables you to print PA, PA-CF, and PA-GF. Snapmaker’s Luban firmware can even detect nozzle sizes and types, speeding up your workflow so you spend less time configuring and more time creating.

10W Laser Engraving & Cutting

From soft materials like leather and fabrics to hard ones like rocks and metal, they can all be your canvas.

The other modules get massive upgrades too, with the Artisan’s 10W laser module being nearly 7 times more powerful than the 1600mW (or 1.6W) module found on the Snapmaker 2.0. Thanks to built-in Laser Beam Splitters and beam shaping optics, the laser module features an ultra-fine laser focus (0.05 mm × 0.2 mm) that, combined with the 10W output results in faster and deeper cutting on a wider range of materials.

200W CNC Carving & Cutting

You can now choose from a wider variety of materials for CNC as well.

However, if the laser module doesn’t quite cut deep enough for you, all you need to do is plug it out and snap the CNC module in, which comes with a 200W output (that’s 4x higher than the Snapmaker 2.0’s 50W CNC module). This effectively allows the Artisan’s spindle to spin at a dizzying 18,000 RPM, letting you work with more materials than before while also pushing your Artisan to complete jobs faster. Moreover, the Artisan’s ‘quick-swap’ platforms and toolheads allow users to shift between three functions in just under a minute.

Two other aspects of the Artisan that give it an edge over the Snapmaker 2.0 are its enclosure, for helping provide a layer of safety to both the machine and the user during its run-time. The enclosure also helps with ensuring 3D prints are accurate by preventing drafts of wind that may end up cooling the filament down too fast and causing surface imperfections.

Ultra-wide 7″ Touchscreen

The Artisan also comes with its own dedicated control unit which sports a large 7″ touchscreen running the company’s free, open-source CAM software. Together, all these components set the Artisan apart, making it a unique combination of user-friendly as well as state-of-the-art so no matter whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, you can expect the best results out of your Artisan. YD readers can grab their own Snapmaker Artisan for a discounted $2799 USD, which definitely is on the higher end of the spectrum… but think about how much it would cost to buy a 3D printer, a CNC machine, and a laser-cutter separately! The Snapmaker Artisan ships globally with free shipping and comes with a minimum 1-year warranty that can be extended.

Click Here to Buy Now: $2799 $2999 ($200 off and free shipping). Hurry, for a limited time only!