Sensible way to charge your Apple pencil


It STILL baffles me that Apple designed the most ridiculously counter-productive method to charge your iPad Pro Pencil. The pencil is designed to fit into the iPad’s port and stick out in probably the most cantilevered position possible, risking breakage almost every time.

You know Apple needs to get its act straight when third party companies rush in with their dongles and accessories to better the Apple experience. Moost is a wacom-esque stand for your iPad Pro pencil that allows you to dock the pencil within in the most comfortable, familiar manner. Not only can you dock the pencil in, you can even store the pencil’s cap in a small groove above the pencil dock so that it doesn’t get lost (really, Apple?). The dock comes with a USB cable that allows you to charge the pencil when not in use… while giving you the freedom to utilize your iPad Pro without a precariously balanced plastic stylus jutting out of one side!

Designer: Moost