Holograms Can Be Fun

Hologram technology may still be in a full bloom, but that doesn’t stop some designers from conceiving fun ideas to play around with. Like a kid in a candy store, the 3D Desktop Concept is perfect for computer-freaks like me. Natural hand movements across the black curtain to crumple and discard documents, or type out a virtual page akin to a typewriter; this concept has virtual holographic goodies by the dozens! If the idea is too overbearing then switch off the embedded tiny projectors and use this as a desk lamp!

Some features:

  • A browser window can be resized by actually “pinching” and dragging the tab at bottom right.
  • It would be fun if a document could be made as if you were using a typewriter. The curled paper hologram comes out of the keyboard.
  • Touching the 3D objects will be possible by dragging, throwing, resizing, etc.
  • By pressing the mouse body downwards, the cursor sinks (goes deeper) on screen. When you release it, it goes back to the default position (front).

Designer: Mac Funamizu


3D Hologram Desktop Concept by Mac Funamizu