Holograms Can Be Fun

Hologram technology may still be in a full bloom, but that doesn’t stop some designers from conceiving fun ideas to play around with. Like a kid in a candy store, the 3D Desktop Concept is perfect for computer-freaks like me. Natural hand movements across the black curtain to crumple and discard documents, or type out a virtual page akin to a typewriter; this concept has virtual holographic goodies by the dozens! If the idea is too overbearing then switch off the embedded tiny projectors and use this as a desk lamp!

Some features:

  • A browser window can be resized by actually “pinching” and dragging the tab at bottom right.
  • It would be fun if a document could be made as if you were using a typewriter. The curled paper hologram comes out of the keyboard.
  • Touching the 3D objects will be possible by dragging, throwing, resizing, etc.
  • By pressing the mouse body downwards, the cursor sinks (goes deeper) on screen. When you release it, it goes back to the default position (front).

Designer: Mac Funamizu


3D Hologram Desktop Concept by Mac Funamizu






  • I really feel i should move my two hands and make an edge. Carve and chamfer the holographic model with real fingers. That’s the way i can walk around the 3d model and detail it. Pick a copy and paste it bu gently tapping the holographic block on the top. Tired of working with mouse and commands:-(

  • I am a design engineer and use the cad systems This is simply an amazing, I would love to do something as easy as moving my fingers and hands to do a job.This is great keep!!!

  • What is it with me when I see something like this and can only think of problems?

    As a concept I only see a touchscreen in this, there is no real 3D and by the looks of it it couldn’t really project a 3 dimensional object or desktop, as it doesn’t have the medium for the image to actually exist in a 3D space. So it’s pseudo 3D? on a black, roll-down canvas by the looks of it…so it would not even stay still while I work on it? Or is this using the “mist-screen projection” technology, which still does not stay still and would actually look quite funny while you poke around it.

    Second is the physical feedback. Let’s say you are a 3D artist/designer and let’s also presume this could project true 3D objects. How would you know you’ve touched the object? By using additional gloves made of that smartfibre material that can actually apply pressure to your hand or become solid when you touch something in 3d space?

    You can then say that the mouse works in three dimensions, well so do the 3D mouses made by 3DConnexion and trust me, they are really good when paired with an ordinary 2D mouse, but alone they do you no good and when have you really stopped and thought “I would so like to have a 3D desktop, it would be so much better to position my windows and gadgets in all that space”

    That’s…called a table and you usually have one under the keyboard you write and it’s most of the time so messy that you don’t want to use it.

    Okay enough ranting. It’s just that, to me, that looks really, really useless. Useless design, no matter how much of an Apple designed product it looks like, is still useless. Sorry if I completely missed the point here.

  • Ja says:

    After grabing, draging, moving for half an hour, your hanging arms will no doubt be exhausted!

  • FLX says:

    Not a good design, sorry. Especially the mouse, those bumpy curves are horrible. Mac, you should really focus on quality not quantity of your projects. And at least try to make them a little feasable.

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