Supercharged, Supersmart Shoes!


Never thought you’d see footwear in the Technology section, did you! Life certainly has a bunch of surprises for all of us. This one’s called the Altra Torin IQ. Unlike your current setup of running shoes coupled with a fitness tracker that gives you bio-stats of your workout, the Torin IQ goes completely into the nitty-gritties of your run. The smart shoes give you insights into data like your impact rate, landing zone, and ground contact time, becoming like a specialized coach for you and allowing you to make marginal improvements to your performance (sometimes there can be just a millimeter’s difference between first and second place).

The footwear has a set of sensors embedded into the midsole, thin enough to go unnoticed, yet powerful enough to produce stunningly accurate data. The data gets relayed to Altra’s IQ app, allowing you to record your performances and more importantly, your guaranteed progress!

Designer: Altra Footwear