When tech goes paper-thin


Sony. The Japanese giant known for Playstation, Xperia, and a wide variety of other things… has a history pf also producing some of the weirdest and most unusual products. Most of them ahead of their time, all these products are a result of Sony’s incredibly creative R&D department. Their latest invention? The FES-2 E Ink watch. Literally paper-thin, given that it’s basically just an E Ink screen in the shape of a watch, the FES-2 is designed to do two things. Or rather three, if you count making watches an incredibly cool thing again.

Firstly, in a world where tech keeps getting slimmer, watches actually aren’t. The smartwatch revolution has, if nothing, made watches clunky again. The FES-2 is literally feather-light, and feels less like a watch and more like a stylish wrist-band that tells you the time. Secondly, and most importantly, it opens the floodgates for graphic and fashion designers to dapple with product design, essentially giving them the power to use 2D/3D visuals to play the role of CMF in product design. The templates people design for the FES-2 become watch-designs, essentially allowing everyone to make timepieces! Think about it, rather than changing a wallpaper on your smartwatch, you change the design of your entire watch!

What the FES-2 achieves is incredible. A complete edge-to-edge screen that wraps around your wrist is just the epitome of the future. A super-thin screen wrapped around your wrist is something pulled straight from the Jetsons. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony does take inspiration from the Jetsons. They have their share of weirdly futuristic products too!

Designer: Sony