This reusable face mask uses a pleated HEPA filter to let you breathe 99.9% clean air

Face Masks don’t work. More accurately they are only partially effective. It’s pretty simple how a mask works. You seal off your nose and mouth using either a cloth, plastic, or silicone mask, and allow air to only pass through via designated vents or zones. These vents or zones are covered with a special fabric filter that allows clean air to pass through, blocking anywhere from 70% to 99% of particulate matter from entering. In the case of cloth masks, the entire mask acts as a fabric filter, and with something that’s non-porous, like plastic or silicone, you’ve got air valves and smaller filters that can be detached, cleaned, or replaced. That’s the basic schematic of a mask, and a lot of designers and companies are looking to perfect it.

Most mask designs encounter the same roadblocks. Cloth masks are often too flimsy, and while they are easier to breathe through, they don’t create a proper seal around your face, allowing air to leak through the sides. Plastic and silicone masks, on the other hand, have the inverse problem. They come with an air-tight seal, but those small air-valves make it pretty difficult to breathe through after prolonged usage. The RespoLab was designed to eliminate the problems faced by both these mask-types, by combining their benefits. It comes with a plastic and silicone construction, ensuring a perfect fit around your face, but instead of opting for tiny air valves and small filters, the RespoLab’s design uses a special curved filter which has an area five times greater than a typical mask… making it much easier to breathe 99.9% filtered clean air through. Furthermore, due to its increased area it allows both inhalation and exhalation to be filtered, avoiding the spread of viruses from mask users who may be asymptomatic (not showing symptoms). A major short coming of masks with exhalation valves.

RespoLab’s innovation lies in its use of a pleated and curved H13 HEPA filter, that covers your entire mouth. It sort of looks like the pleated, zigzag cabin air filters you see inside cars and air-conditioning systems. In both those cases, the job is pretty simple… to constantly filter air while easily trapping all sorts of microparticles into its pleats/folds. The filter exceeds the N99 standards, trapping even the finest particulate matter including viruses, allergens, pollen, and bacteria to deliver 99.97% clean air to your nose and mouth. The mask comes with a modular, multi-part design featuring an external plastic cover made from recycled ABS, and an oronasal mask made from TPE/TPU that provides the perfect seal around your face in a way that feels comfortable. The RespoLab’s design is engineered to control the airflow so that the inside of your mask never gets hot or humid, and the presence of a large filter makes sure you’re never struggling to be heard. The geometry of the filter allows sound waves to propagate and transmit through the mask more readily, further improving usability.

The mask’s design is entirely modular and can be disassembled to either replace the HEPA filter or to sanitize the rest of the components. Each RespoLab comes with 3 extra replaceable pleated filters, allowing the mask to be worn for 120 hours before you need to buy a fresh set of filters. These are available in multipacks to allow ongoing regular mask use. Respolab’s masks come in a range of sizes across a variety of colors, and each unit even comes with its own mini-bag that lets you carry it around with you wherever you go… although given how comfortable and secure it is when worn, and how easy it is to breathe 99.9% clean air through, you probably won’t even need to take your mask off in the first place!

Designer: Response Laboratory

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RespoLab – Valve-less Engineered Face Masks

The Respolab is a reusable face mask offering virus protection with 99.97% efficient filtration. It is certified to EN1827 FFP3 N99.

Comfortable airflow on both inhalation and exhalation through a unique pleated PM.03 filter. The mask is 100% recyclable and making their masks available for wholesale to healthcare workers around the globe.

The team at Respolab have worked tirelessly to bring to market a face mask that sits between the low cost disposable face masks and heavy duty respirators. They have developed a patented filter system capable of capturing nano particles and blocking virus transmission.

The Respolab mask has been co-developed by a group of industry leading companies to ensure its performance is as good as it can be. The focus has been on simplicity and quality to create a product that is easily manufactured and cost-effective for the end-user.

Features & Benefits

Replaceable Filter Cartridges

Innovative curved filter: HEPA style H13 material removes 99.97% of particles from air down to 0.3 microns. If you are wearing a mask for any period of time you are really going to notice the difference.

Filter Change & Maintenance

The graphic shows the inadequacies of some more common mask types, especially those with valves that allow the spread of viruses from asymptomatic users.


The Respolab mask is available in a range of sizes. The mask has a soft sealing component, called an oronasal, This creates a comfortable seal to the face but it is important that the correct size is selected. A simple way to check this is to measure from the bridge of the nose to the understand of the chin, as shown in the image above.

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $63 (20% off). Hurry, only 81/250 left! Raised over $170,000.