The Designer’s Ultimate Sketchbook

What do you do with all your loose A4/US Letter sheets? Wait, you Scan them and convert them to PDF?! Convert them into a NoteBook Modular instead! The NoteBook Modular is a dapper looking leather sleeve for all your loose papers. Just place them inside and et voilà you’ve got yourself a nice organized notebook!

The NoteBook is a boon for designers and people who tend to scribble on loose sheets of paper and then photograph them because you’ve got nowhere to put them. Designed as a convenient holder/folder for any A4/US Letter paper, the NoteBook becomes your modular solution, allowing you to store any kind of paper. Blank, Ruled, Colored, or even special sheets like graph paper, or printed material. Store papers for future use, exchange papers with a colleague, or collect papers you’ve used and consolidate them into a classy package, the NoteBook means absolute convenience either way.

The NoteBook is styled to almost look as cool as a premium laptop sleeve. It comes as a hard-cover, made in either Polyester or Leather and available in four beautifully natural colors. The Notebook is designed to hold a 100 pages (give or take), i.e., 50 on each side. Magnetic clips secure the papers in place so that they don’t fly away with the slightest breeze. The NoteBook even has a slot for your pen/pencil and an additional sleeve for business cards.

Want to look professional? Or like you mean business? The NoteBook is perfect. It looks so much better than having to rip pages from your spiral bound notebook, or worse, asking someone to rip a page out for your use! The NoteBook is classy, and most importantly, it’s modular. Which means you can customize or rearrange your papers based on your need. Guess what. That also means it’s the last time you’ll ever buy a traditional bound sketchbook, notebook or planner!

Designer: allocacoc

BUY IT HERE: $32.00