The best bike you’ll see this year


This week’s absolute gold for cyclists! We’ve already got three articles about two-wheelers up and here’s one to absolutely top them all! Voted as one of the Best of the Best for this year by the Red Dot Jury Panel, the Yunbike is an Aluminium-made fold-able smart bike. What’s so special? IT EXISTS! Stepping beyond the realms of a concept is a massive thing. Most products stay concepts for life, or change so much while becoming a reality, they don’t excite you anymore. The Yunbike, however, looks like something a designer would render, but this is a working prototype right here.

At 15 kgs, this bike can be folded and wheeled around. Apart from being awesome to look at, the Yunbike is a smart little machine too. It pairs with its companion smartphone app, allowing you to lock/unlock your bike remotely. The app also allows you to switch between riding modes, or to customize the lighting on your bike. The app also does good by keeping a check on the bike’s components, pinging you when your parts start going faulty. Now ain’t that just a beaut!?

The Red Dot Best of the Best isn’t given out lightly, which goes to show that the Yunbike truly has a stamp of great design and engineering on it. The Yunbike is the proud recipient of the Best of the Best award for the year 2015.

Designer: Hangzhou YunMake Technology Co. Ltd.