The Tire that never gets tired


Here’s an interesting thought. The tire as we know gets a complete makeover with the Green Hive. What the Green Hive does is splits the tire into two parts. A sidewall/cover, and an inner block. Think of the inner block as a cartridge that continuously gets swapped when it completes its life cycle.

The inner structure (colored in green) is a thermoplastic elastomer that sits behind the sidewall/cover. Its thermoplastic properties allow it to fill in the empty spaces left by the black sidewall, completing the tire’s design. The sidewall seldom wears out, but whenever the inner block starts showing signs of wear and tear, all you do is switch the block for another one. Plus, the design aims at providing different blocks for different usages. So you could perhaps swap the green asphalt block for a, say, blue snow/ice block, or a brown terrain block, allowing one tire set to become your almost-permanent solution!

The Green Hive is a winner of the Red Dot Design Award for the year 2016.

Designers: Choi Seung-Il, Kim Tae-Nyun & Kim Hyo-Joong.