Good Smelling Collar

Ever been bogged by the cigarette or food odors that your clothes pick from the bar? A quick change or shower is quite cumbersome, which is why the funky Electrolux OZ-1is a good solution. The OZ-1 is a portable air purifier and stress reliever all integrated in a fashion piece. It sits neatly under the color of your shirt or can be flaunted like jewelry. The main purpose of the device is to purify the air that you breathe and at the same time distress via aroma therapy.

  • OZ-1 is integrated with refined technology of ozone generator and HEPA filter.
  • The device can release a significant amount of (0.1-0.3 ppm) oxidant to neutralize harmful gases in the air while the integrated HEPA filter on the left help to trap dust and particles.
  • It also s a secondary function of being a cigarette smoke remover and is able to trap the smell of tar and chemical produced from burning cigarette.
  • The integrated smoke sensor will detect smoke and activates the device to trap and neutralize the unpleasant odor before it is bonds with your clothing.

OZ-1 is a 2013 Electrolux Design Lab finalist entry.

Designer: Wei Kiat Law