When something smells funny…

One way we naturally determine the quality of our food is to give it a quick smell. But even our noses get it wrong sometimes! The Smeller works much in the same way, but with enhanced sensitivity. It picks up on the most minute of scents and compares them to a vast library to let the user know the exact condition of produce, meat and other foods. You can even share your smells on social media with just a click of a button!

Designer: Hee Tae Yang


  • Seth Joseph Weine says:

    Great. Just what we need: another device to help our natural senses atrophy.
    There’s a lot of intelligence and design creativity here—but how about directing it to something useful and enhancing. Here’s a suggestion, and one that is in the same neighborhood as the project they worked on:
    Design a game that helps children become More sensitive to, appreciate, and enjoy the smells in their world. Just to be clear: the product could use technology, but should be directed to enlarging children’s abilities with their own nature-given noses.

  • trent says:

    Is this a sci-fi speculative fiction sight?

  • Cheryl says:

    Um for those of us without the sense of smell…this could be a literal life saver! Where can I buy this??!!

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