Retro Fitted Sound Station

Cool dude sitting behind the wheels of a vintage car, does your sound system match the classic interiors? Nope? Oh don’t get hung up, take in the Tivoli AutoSound. A player that’s as retro looking as your vintage! But don’t be fooled by looks alone, coz it’s as modern beneath the skin. Features include MP3 player hook-up, FM radio and a Blu-ray player with a prominent touchscreen channel selector. Move the selector to the left to access disc slot. It has one more cool feature….

Unhook it from the wooden frame and pull it out of the 1DIN holder to carry it with you to wherever! The built-in Litium-jon battery keeps it running for up to eight hours.

Designer: Niklas Palm




  • Great conexion!

  • Lamah says:

    Why would I want to carry a huge freaking CD player to “wherever”? It doesn’t have speakers and it’s much too bulky to want to use headphones with.

  • Vandelay says:

    Lamah: There seems to be a speaker if you take a proper look.
    But I dont see that it would fit very well to that dashboard or any classic car interiors. If that is what you are looking to do with this project, you should pay more attention to vintage car interiors and use that form-language instead of the one used on Tivoli Audio systems.

  • Jon says:

    Im curious as to how the UI would work on this? I like the simple clean look, but dont know how well it would function. And you may want to look into the internals. Even with a class T amp built in, you are never going to get a speaker and battery in there. Also, one nice addition to add is an HDMI port. Manufacturers need to get a push away from the archaic RCA connections, especially in a car. This would allow the device to easily be transported to a docking station to work as a home unit.

  • Great conexion!

  • Great conexion!
    Should say good post! Can't wait to seeing your next post!

  • Great conexion!
    Should say good post! Can’t wait to seeing your next post!

  • jacky loo says:

    so, where can buy ? buy online ? got send to asian country ?

  • jacky loo says:

    hi, really like the retro audio as u display online, may i know how much per the product and do u have send to asian country ? i am from malaysia. borneo. thanks

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