Pure and Light Wheels

The Pure Light is a concept vehicle for the elite in China, especially aimed for cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, where people can appreciate luxury. Inspired by Taoism, this 4-seater car uses superconducting magnetic levitation technology. The levitating feel and fluid form deceive you into thinking that you are gliding in space. It also uses light as a calming element and hologram technology. Simply elegant!

Designer: Lena Knab


  • Eddard says:

    Wow, sketches. It’s a very sci-fi concept but is very well presented.

  • MDesigns says:

    Yes, agree with Eddard. Its ready for a movie…

  • Armando Ricardo says:

    And the wind? With wings upwards and strong wind blowing on the side, the vehicle will not be stable and may be played against others. Unless, use thrusters on the sides to keep the vehicle stable.

  • William says:

    i dont think this will ever be in my life time. Its a great design though, very peaceful out of this worl concept.

  • ashish says:

    I loved the presentation and the sketches……..inspiring work Lena, thanks for sharing

  • memorexe says:

    Is elitism also inspired by taoism? Otherwise it’s beautiful design. I’d like to see it in praxis.

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