Stay Outta My Lane II

Cyclists can do with as much illumination help that they can get from getting accidentally hit at night. Akin to the Light Lane, the Arrow Zone performs a similar function of warning oncoming and follow-up traffic of your bicycle presence. However this sleek attachment hooks to the side and projects a distinctive arrow to the lane to the side of your cycle. It’s a detachable unit thus you can hook it to either side of the bike, depending upon which side of the road you drive. Nice concept and with a few tweaks it can go to become a real good product.

Designer: Junwon Yang


  • Eddard says:

    I think this could cause confusion when the cyclist makes a turn. I think the implementation of motorcycle style brake lights and indicators would be a much more effective use of light.

  • Grey says:

    I’m sorry but this makes no sense.. i agree with Eddard.

  • rae says:

    This idea was out there long time ago..

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