Touring Trike

Designed specifically for the busy streets of the Philippines, the Tarsier takes inspiration from the open-air design language of the area’s classic tourism vehicles. Customizable seating arrangements, panoramic visibility and all-electric power make it a great way to see the sights while being eco-friendly.

Designer: Allen Chester Zhang


  • Jimmy C says:

    Very thought provoking. I love how it has a flexible use of space.

  • MDesigns says:

    It doesn’t look that sturdy for public transportation and there is no indication where the batteries go…although I assume it goes under the rear seats. The designer could have incorporated a sketch with the colorful graphics typical of their current public transportation vehicles.

  • dimitre says:

    what is the price?

  • Hunter says:

    Having been to Philadelphia, I must say that this could work. However, the city already uses an adequate system of touring buses. They seat many more than this (double-decker) so I don’t see how this would be an improvement.

  • Dr. Jon Motley says:

    Hello, are there any of these available, or is this just a design proposal. If any are available I would like to purchase one. If just a design proposal, put it up on kickstarter to have it funded.

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