Ambulance in the air


Most people think it’s easy designing for the future. The future is uncertain, vague… you could make anything and pass it off as futuristic. However actual human centric design for the future is one tough nut to crack. Imagine dealing with a scenario you know nothing about. Combine futuristic design with medical design, and I doubt if the art of problem-solving could get any tougher. The KANI Light Aircraft is a rescue aircraft for the year 2030. Designed for natural reserves, where on-road transportation is difficult at some times, and impossible at others, the aircraft makes use of state-of-the-art and reliable technologies to make sure the aircraft is not just safe and sturdy, but also effective, as well as inexpensive.

The body uses a carbon fibre monocoque structure with aluminium honeycomb mesh plate core, something a hardcore F1 fan will know more about. The windows are made of laminated polycarbonate (another piece of tech borrowed from NASCAR) to keep the aircraft safe from bird strikes. The aircraft also comes with a ballistic parachute for emergencies, because safety is always of prime importance, right?

Designer: Tautvydas Bertasius