Italian Artisan Lighting

The latest lighting designs from ILIDE push modern technology, materials, and handcrafted Italian artistry to the max in this tasteful, unique series of lamps that will strike the fancy of modernists and lovers of classic style alike. Incredible attention to detail is apparent in each piece, from the organic feeling Matera Rossa pendant to the futuristic Bubble of Light lamp.

Designer: ILIDE


  • FOURTH WAY says:


  • Paul B. says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Feniks says:

    Piece of art, no doubt. Bothered me detail. Superb light, but like any other hang on the cable. In addition, the winds electric cord. Is not no power cord, which can also be worn at the same time light weight. It would remain a single straight line. If something is superior, do to the last detail. Use halogen lights that can be powered through the steel braid. Although the two will be strained. If my message is strange you should complain to google translator. 🙂

  • Sofie Rawlinson says:

    This series of lighting has melded the old and new seamlessly. I really grasped a sense of how precious these products were as soon as I looked at the collection. The hand crafting in these pieces resinates very well.

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