Cleaning Appliances designed to spruce up your home right in time for the Chinese New Year

Today, millions of people all around the world, began celebrating the Chinese New Year, which marks the transition from the Year of the Ox to the Year of the Tiger. Also deemed, the Lunar New Year, the celebrations for this day usually involve catching up with family and friends, bursting firecrackers, watching traditional dances, drooling over exquisite feasts, and of course, decluttering and cleaning up your home in preparation for a year of whole new blessings and victories! And a couple of innovative and unique home appliances can really help you out with this! From a space-saving vacuum cleaner to an air purifier designed in the form of a turntable – these handy cleaning appliances are all you need to Marie Kondo your house and welcome the Year of the Tiger in the tidiest manner possible. Happy cleaning!

1. H5

H5 is a multifunctional vacuum cleaner designed for small spaces that can break down into four parts that fit into a compact charging bin for easy storage. H5 keeps an overall slim build when assembled and when disassembled so it doesn’t take up too much space in storage. When disassembled, H5 breaks down into four parts and fits into one charging case that can easily slip away behind any table or into the closet to free up floor space. When users would like to use the vacuum, putting H5 together comes just as easily as putting together any other vacuum. The main pipe connects via telescopic tubing where the vacuum head also easily attaches.

2. The Aether

Combining the goodness of air purification and music with an aesthetically pleasing form factor, designer Hyunbin Yang has conceived the AETHER. This Bluetooth speaker and air purifier in the shape of a modern turntable can be a centerpiece of disguise no matter where you choose to place it at home. The speaker is controlled remotely by a smartphone or smart device to play any music you like, well before you set foot into the house. So, the time you have can be spent on other tasks, while the mood of the house is already set. The biggest advantage that the AETHER has over the other air purifiers we have seen in our time is the convenience with which the air filters can be swapped. Here changing the filter is as easy as replacing a vinyl on the turntable.

3. The Alpha Pillow 2

The Alpha Pillow 2’s design starts with a bamboo-charcoal-infused foam mass, which apart from providing the benefits of memory foam, also uses activated carbon to neutralize microorganisms and toxins. The carbon-infused foam does a pretty standup job of keeping your pillow free of germs and microorganisms, the Alpha Pillow’s silver-fabric cover forms the first line of defense, destroying bacteria, viruses, and molds before they can even propagate. The pillow itself comes with a bamboo fabric cover, followed by a unique fabric made from silver fibers that are lab-tested to be incredibly efficient at self-sanitizing the pillow.

4. The Narwal T10

The Narwal T10 will immediately strike one as something so different from your usual robot vac, even the ones with 2-in-1 mopping and vacuuming functions. For one, both its base and the robot itself are coated in white, a color that’s most often associated with cleanliness and sanitation. It also gives off a better minimalist vibe, though that may come at the expense of dirt and stains being more visible on the product’s surface. The T10’s base station is also considerably larger and bulkier than other robot vacuums, but that is both intentional as well as an illusion. Robot cleaners with narrower stations actually have larger bases for the robot to stand on, taking up almost the same amount of floor space anyway. With Narwal’s design, the robot goes inside the station completely and hides any part that humans or pets can trip on. Additionally, the larger size is necessary to support the T10’s mopping functions, which we’ll get to later.

5. The Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot Kit

The Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot Kit is all you need to maintain a super clean toilet! The robot is perfect for cleaning those hard-to-reach spots in your toilet. You just need to remove the robot from its charging station and connect it to the mounting bracket. Add some toilet bowl cleaner to the bowl, and use Giddel to systematically scrub the rim, the bowl, the space under the bowl, and down the exit. Giddel’s telescopic arm can fit into toilets of all sizes, both small or large, and clean them effectively. Giddel’s circular and wavy motion ensures that it covers every inch of the toilet!

6. Elle

Inspired by the bathing rituals of elephants in the wild, Stalin Jr. designed Elle’s silhouette to resemble the shape of an elephant’s rump. Scaled down from the size of an actual elephant’s rump to around the same size as an air dryer, Elle is compact enough to fit right on any kitchen countertop. Elle functions as the go-to appliance in between meals, when there aren’t enough dirty dishes to use the full-size dishwasher, but you still want to keep the sink free of dirty dishes. Equipped with all of the functions needed for a thorough cleaning, Elle comes with a touch-automated control panel and wall-mountable water inlet valve.

7. Cork Vaccum Cleaner

This intriguing concept for a vacuum cleaner is not only multipurpose in design, it is also sustainable in construction. The storage section of the vac is made from cork, which is biodegradable and has a warm ambiance to it. The vacuum pipes and other parts are designed in a manner to be stored within the cork shell that then neatly covers using a lid. The possibility of concealing the entire appliance from sight saves valuable space at home and leaves the vacuum to still be used in the open with a different purpose.

8. WITS Collection

ROLL, for example, looks like a simple fabric-covered stool, though the seam at the top clearly indicates that it can be opened. Rather than being a hidden container, however, it can accommodate a detachable UV light module that can clean larger objects like toys, books, or even bags. It’s something handy to have around the house, especially during these days when people tend to worry a lot about indoor sanitation. FLOAT definitely has a simple cabinet feel to it, one that’s designed to stand by your bed for easy access to your things. However, a portion of its top surface actually acts as a wireless charging area for your phone so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to plug your phone in every night. Pull the top drawer, however, and you’ll be greeted by a soft LED light that could save you a lot of pain at night.

9. The Everloop Dish Brush

With the Everloop dish brush’s design, you can continue to maximize the functionality of your product while reducing waste. The head of the brush has a concave lid mechanism that compresses the bristles against the inner part of the brush. The bristles are snapped into place and you can clean effortlessly. This concavity also works as a soap container and dosifier while you clean your tableware. To replace bristles, use any flat piece from your kitchen as a lever to open it and replace it with a new set of bristles. The body of the brush is made from recycled plastic collected from discarded accessories and the bristles are made from natural fibers (bamboo, castor beans, etc).

10. The Cat Person Litter Box

With Cat Person, Granneberg set out to design a litter box that appears like a piece of furniture to blend in with other interior design elements. To achieve this, Granneberg outfitted the Cat Person litter box with a wooden top lid that gives it the same appeal as a small side table. Ensuring casts enjoy enough airflow and light while taking care of business, Granneberg punctuated the wooden top lid with circular cutouts, creating a ventilated and well-lit interior space. Granneberg also designed the litter box with larger-than-average dimensions to allow bigger cats to have enough room to sit and turn around with comfort. An ergonomic and durable scooper accompanies the litter box that comes with a handy storing mechanism to avoid the eyesore of litter dropping to the floor.