Sticker 3D Vision

Viewing 3D cinema is a truly gripping experience but for the 3D glasses! Besides being heavy and awkward for those already wearing numbered glasses, they are a material waste and pose a health hazard. Stix offers an easy solution by being a pair of self-adhesive sticker 3D viewing films. Simply slap them onto your current numbered glasses and enjoy your 3D movie.

The stickers are cut out a shape bigger than average glasses to ensure they cover till the rim. The concept’s approach resonates with me, since I wear glasses too and find wearing additional glasses a hassle. Hopefully the sticker in Stix will be easy to peel off and then we are assured of a winner here!

Designers: Lucy Jung & Daejin Ahn


  • Nathan says:

    3D glasses depend on polarization. If both stickers are not applied perfectly straight, the picture will not be clear and the viewer may have a higher chance of motion sickness. These are not as reusable as current 3D glasses you’d get in a theatre and an air bubble, a speck of dust or a scratch on the viewer’s lens could aslo ruin the picture. I would suggest the two stickers be incorporated into a single piece of film to solve the polarization issue.

  • Lucy says:

    Thanks for your feedback! Making it one piece is a good idea and to my knowledge 3D glasses are recycled but not reused so our product wasn’t designed for reuse. 🙂

  • Jason says:

    Lucy- the idea seems great. Have these been mass produced or is this just an idea that you have?

  • Lucy says:

    Thank you 🙂 Just an idea at the moment.(photos are prototype) I had to wear contact lens to go to a 3D cinemas cause it was really uncomfortable to wear two glasses at the same time (I’m sure people who have done it all felt the same). I also thought mobile screen protector films were a great material which won’t damage the glasses.

  • Jason says:

    Lucy- can you drop me an idea so I can discuss something with you?

  • Jason says:

    I meant e-mail….sorry

  • Lucy says:

    Sure Ive sent an email 🙂 thank you.

  • slvdc1 says:

    take my money naow!

  • Harshad says:

    Simple yet great. I have difficulty watching movies with two glasses and I see this as a good solution. good luck on your project.

  • Steven says:

    I just saw these on Gizmodo and was hoping they were already a product. I totally would have bought a pack today for the Avengers Premiere in a couple weeks 🙂 Hopefully they can be made in time for The Hobbit.

  • Mario says:

    is there a way to follow progress of this project?

  • jj says:

    How about polarized sunglasses? I would rather use these than clip ons

  • Steven says:

    You should think about taking this project to kickstarter soon Lucy. I could see this being a HUGE hit there.

  • Evan Guttman says:

    I have a few of these , but they aren’t perfect as they dont wrap around the glasses.. So you get side light in which is very annoying. So would LOVE this product. Please add my email to any mailing list about updates.

  • Yank says:

    Is there any 3D technology that does not RUIN color and detail/resolution?

  • Jimmy C says:

    @Nathan: I agree. And they do make things like that. They’re called Rollens. But they haven’t been made for theaters yet, just as sunglasses.

  • Joe says:

    This is a great idea and would love these. The best way I have found is to blue-tack the 3D Glasses on (I Bought A Pair for £1) but these would be so much better. Keep up the good work!

  • Christopher Knell says:

    Actually… most, if not all theaters use something called circular polorization. It’s also the reason you can tilt your head while watching a 3D movie in a theater (and rest your head on the person’s shoulder next to you, if you so desire)

  • Lucy says:

    If you could tell me your email I could let you know how it goes!

  • Lucy says:

    Many thanks to everyone for your comments. :)For those who liked the concept and for ones who added extra ideas or concerns, we’ll consider all your feedbacks and impove our concept. 🙂 again. thanks!!

  • einstein says:

    Stickers won’t work.

    1. all glasses have different sizes
    2.stickers will leave a residue

    but its a start.

  • An:Design says:

    good design

  • Zack Mandell says:

    Awesome idea. Now if you could only make it printable…

  • Andy Stubbs says:

    I think that this is a great idea. As a suggestion, this could solve another problem for spectacle wearers. Plain sunglasses, I dislike clip-ons, and always forget to take my prescription sunglasses with me. But if something like this was made readily available, it would solve a lot of problems.

  • Lucy says:

    thanks andy. there were loads of comments regarding if this could work on sunglasses as well. me and my teammate will go through some discussions about that.

  • Andy says:

    Thanks for the comment Frogmeister.
    I really wouldn’t know where to start. I thought that it is such a simple idea, I assumed that someone must have tried it already.

  • Andy Stubbs says:

    Hi Lucy, I did have a quick look at the sunglasses myself, just for my personal use, some time ago. I only had a quick look at the idea and didn’t follow it through. But I just tried using the tinting film that is used on car windows. It wasn’t very successful. Mainly because spectacles sometime have a curve to front face of the lens. So whatever you choose as a material will need to cope with a 3D surface, and leave bubbles. I still think that it’s an idea worth chasing, but it needs a lot more time finding a suitable product.

  • Lucy says:

    Hi Andy, Thanks again for your comment. thats really good point … I just realized that all of the 3D glasses ive seen so far was flat surfaced. Could you please tell me more about how your tinting film wasn’t success?

  • Andy Stubbs says:

    Hi Lucy, To be honest I really didn’t try that hard. The main problem I had was trying to get it to stick onto the curved surface of my specs. Although, it must be possible, as the wind-shield on most cars are curved, and the many screen tinting companies around seem to manage OK.
    With some sort of mass production, a slight curve could be added in the production process.
    There must be a polymer material, that would be flexible enough to stick to spectacles, even with a curve, and still be able to remove it without any residue, very similar to the material used to protect mobile phone screens.

  • Lucy says:

    Andy! thank you for your comment. yeah we were thinking of screen protect films as well.. wonder if 3D glasses should be flat to work or not. if it needs to be flat I should think about how to make it work on curved glasses.

  • Andy Stubbs says:

    Lucy, one possible solution to the 3D curve problem. Is applying a little heat, from a hair drier for instance. I believe that is how the car window tinting companies cope with of the more severe curved screens. Although maybe applying a slight pre-curve in the production process would be very easy.
    I’m convinced that there is a solution to the adhesive problem, a lot of protective films for mobile phones can easily be removed without leaving residue.
    I did have a quick look at what patents have been registered, there was one or two, the most recent that I could find was aprox 16 years ago, but he was trying to use self adhesive pads to mount the lens to the specs.

  • godfroid Johan says:

    i love
    if you are the first this project has a great commercial value
    good luck

  • Andy Stubbs says:

    Yes, I quite agree, but I don’t have enough knowledge in the special materials required to make it work.

  • kenky says:

    Good idea 😀

  • Jamie Lee says:

    Dear Lucy…May you please drop me your e-mail so that I can discuss something with you?

  • HAHA andy says:


  • Lucy says:

    Dear Andy, so sorry with the late reply. I was searching if it could work based on your comment but forgot to say thank you for your advices. We have won a bronze award with this concept on PinUp Design awards but had to leave it behind for some reasons. Could you please send me an email to – [email protected] -? Thank you.

  • Albert says:

    Like the 3D film. How about designing a film for golfers that wear glasses. Showing horizontal lines with yardage.

  • Aly says:

    i would so love to have these!!! with the current 3D glasses they have in cinemeas makes me feel sick with the slightest shift from them off my nose and my nose is small so they slip with the my glasses in place these are a brillent idea i think many would benefit

  • Lucyj says:

    Aly, Thank you for your reply. Hopefully we will get to see stix soon in cinemas 🙂

  • Sander says:

    I already read the suggestion a few times; this kind of stickers instead of (polarized/colouring) sunglasses. And what about nightvision glasses?

    Great idea! I would love it.

  • Al says:

    What did you end up for a patient?? I think this is interesting however have you tested them in a theater?

  • Miltam says:

    You could just make sheets and then the people could cut them to fit their glasses, especially if you come up with polarized ones for sunglasses.

  • staneey says:

    Will Stix-3D glasses stickers,
    1 have sold it in?
    2 How do I buy?
    3 How many purchase amount?
    4 how much price?

    I opened eyewear company, and an urgent need to you to such products, Thank you, thank you!

  • Ana says:

    I would like to try them and much better would like to have the sun glasses version if they were available. It was my first though when I saw this: Wow if they made ones for sun glasses…
    I have a very complex lenses and can’t spend the price for a sun glasses version of my lenses.

  • zoe cheung says:

    how much for one pair of this 3-D product?

  • Ed says:

    You should start a Kick Starter project to get this funded. I would definitely buy in.

  • SoySauce says:

    Based on some of the comments on here, I think I’d actually rather see a ‘clip-on’ 3D glasses, based on the design of clip-on sunglasses. They have their own frames and lenses, thus solving any polarization problem, but because they only attach to the front of the glasses, they don’t get in the way.

  • Lucy says:

    Hello staneey.
    Please if you can send me an email with enquiry I will be happy to answer.

  • stanley says:

    Will Stix-3D glasses stickers,
    1 have sold it in?
    2 How do I buy?
    3 How many purchase amount?
    4 how much price?

    I opened eyewear company, and an urgent need to you to such products, Thank you, thank you!


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