An Evergreen Cooker Hood

Zephiro is an elegant cooker hood designed by Emo design for Falmec. Functional yet simple, the hood is equipped with e.Ion technology for filtration. This technology is an ionization system that reduces odor by eliminating organic molecules (bacteria, viruses and allergens) suspended in the air. The main advantage of this system is that it eliminates the use of exhaust tubes or vents for the hood. This not only supports clean architecture, but also enhances the hood with ceiling suspension.

Emo design explains, “Zephiro is equipped with a visual feedback that indicates air quality. The sensor detects impurities and when necessary it switches on the hood purifying the air. The e.Ion system works with controlled bipolar ionisation neutralizing polluting agents in the air and transforming them into water and Co2. The ions influence positively human biochemestry causing improved moods, concentration and other important health advantages.”

Available in: white and black
Materials: glass, stainless steel
Typology: Cooker Hood
Dimensions: L 660 x W 460 x H 335
Producer: Falmec

Designer: Emo design for Falmec