Hardcore Camera

The EXTU stands for “extreme utility” – it’s a versatile camera system that pushes the capabilities of shooting to the limit. Designed for use in a variety of situations, the cam, batteries, and specialized mounts feature a rugged body composed of hard-anodized aluminum, ABS plastic, and silicone rubber to withstand drops, hits and extreme conditions like snow, water, and sand. Hit the jump and check out the vid!

The system includes the body unit, lens unit, and two battery units which can be combined to extend runtime. The front part of the body flips up 120°, allowing the grips to be easily switched for different shooting positions. Additional features include a 3.5″ touchscreen display, digital viewfinder, GPS, accelerometer, digital compass, wireless data connection, and an internal image sensor that allows lenses to be exchanged instantly.

Designer: Mathias Mayrhofer

EXTU Camera System from mathias mayrhofer on Vimeo.