Turning ceilings from mundane to insane


Reinventing what drop-ceilings should be like, MNML’s acoustic tile design for TURF comes with rare earth magnets that simply snap to the drop-ceiling grid framework without fasteners or hardware of any kind, but it’s really the design of these tiles we’re more intrigued by. Exploring tesselations and patterns that range from geometric to organic, the acoustic tiles for TURF bring a sense of dynamism that one usually doesn’t see much in ceilings. Completely redefining the space, the TURF’s ceiling tiles absolutely reinvent your interior space without altering the space or changing anything that’s at or below eye-level (furniture, etc), turning a regular cuboidal space into something truly awe-inspiring.

Besides, it really does encourage you to look upwards and daydream for a bit, doesn’t it?!

Designers: Scott Wilson, Tim Zarki, Arvid Roach & Dave Seal of MNML for TURF.