Canary Smart Speaker concept inspired by a bird, can do two-way conversations

The Canary is known for its beautiful feathers, but it is more famous for the sound it makes. The bird sings beautifully, and believe it or not; canaries were used to sense danger in coal mines before. So when people say “Canary in a coal mine,” it usually means someone or something that offers an early warning for failure or danger.

This Canary Smart Speaker is another concept design inspired by nature. The smart speaker industry is expanding, and we can see consumer demand increasing. We have come to a point where designers and brands can experiment with speaker aesthetics as much as the features and tech specs.

Designer: Behrad Ghodsi

Canary Smart Speaker Concept Details

At first glance, you will think the Canary is a minimalist megaphone because of its simple design. It takes on the form of the bird standing tall while singing. And like the canary-bird, this smart speaker will provide audio that can entertain, inform, educate, or even warn about danger.

The Canary Smart Speaker is a concept design for Google. It boasts a different design from the previous Google Home speakers that already came out as the Google Home Mini, the original Google Home, and the Google Home/Nest Hub. The Canary could be something the tech giant would release with its simple, fresh, and minimalist aesthetics. Google should probably check this out and consider but with a few tweaks here and there.

Canary Smart Speaker Details

Canary Smart Speaker Concept Design

The cone-shaped main body of the speaker appears to be either the tweer or the subwoofer. It nests on a log-shaped portion where the sound comes from. There is a button for volume control plus four LED lights that indicate the volume level on the right side. There are buttons for Back, Stop, Play, Pause, and Forward on the left side that appear to light up when in use for easy identification.

Canary Smart Speaker Concept Design

The Canary Smart Speaker concept can do anything other Google Home models can do. It features the Google Assistant, so it means the device can engage in two-way conversations with the user. It can also work with other third-party apps and services with intelligent integration and voice control, allowing home automation and more.

Canary Smart Speaker Concept Images

This Canary will act as an alert for any situation depending on your need and preference. Need background music for work or during your workout? Ask Canary to play your favorite songs or playlist. Do you need to know the weather before heading out? The Canary can tell you the temperature, precipitation, humidity level, and even wind speed.

Canary Smart Speaker Packaging

Canary Smart Speaker Whats Inside the Box

Canary Smart Speaker Concept Design

White Canary Smart Speaker

Canary Smart Speaker Design