The Keypad Issue

Ever since  using an iPhone, I haven’t really thought about how keypads can make a difference. When I saw the Elastic Phone Concept, it brought back memories of my Sony Ericsson and Nokia days! A time when the kind of keypad and display were the decisive factors for me. What the Elastic Phone is trying to do is give us best of both the worlds, an enigmatic OLED touchscreen display with the convenience of a flexible keypad. Opt for a full-view display with the keys shifted to one corner of the phone or rearrange them to suit game mode. What fun!

Designer: Sung-Ching Chang


  • Chris Tan says:

    solves the problem right away!

  • South_44 says:

    Nice concept, a phone where you can feel you're getting somewhere.
    How is this going to deal with the abuse that it will suffer through use? eatch of those straps will need to be robust, yet flexible…
    I am a huge fan of this concept, however I'd like to know more about how these straps are going to slide across the surface and whether they will be moveable as free moving objects or whether there will be the set four configurations?
    Hope this gets out there soon, really clever idea.

  • Tona says:

    Dude I would give a job for my company CUBE inc

  • Jason says:

    I very much like the concept, although I am wondering out of what material the rows of keys would be made of. Also, It seems impractical to leave the rows connected on the back, all for the sake of aesthetics. If each row of keys was made into a single, separate metal band, each could slide freely to any position along the length of the phone. Perhaps electromagnets in the phone could be used to keep each band relatively immobilized unless a somewhat significant amount of force was applied to slide the bands into a new magnetically-held position. The phone could then magnetically detect the positions of the bands and the arrangement of the bands could launch user-defined applications. For example, placing all four bands at the bottom of the phone body could launch the texting application. The magnetic holding system could also be used to magnetically power the bands' keys. By utilizing separate bands, several durability issues would also be done away with—namely, that of the rear, extending/contracting pieces that connect the rows of keys in these photos. Sorry for all of the loud brainstorming and obsessive practicality (which entirely contradicts the ethos of Yankodesign). I do very much like the concept. The “elastic” piece is a viable way to spice up the design of a mobile while having uncompromised screen real estate and uncompromised durability.

  • decaPODA says:

    nice work dude 🙂
    after a long time something so simple n yet so interesting 🙂

  • Guest says:

    and for looking all the screen? 🙂

  • Ethan says:

    Great idea at first glance, but how practical is it really? What if you wanted to change to “symbol mode” while in a text message? Would you have to switch out bands in order to add more punctuation than a period or coma? Do the images on the “buttons” change depending on the position of the rows? Its truly a genius start, but there's a lot of work before a prototype… if that is indeed your goal.

  • Daniel Tung says:

    Interesting mechanism, but one detail: the flexible thing is also flat! So what makes this different from typing on flat touchscreen?

  • Jimmy C says:

    Hmm… you know this would be perfect for when I have to wear winter gloves!

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