X-Ray Train Vision

Let me first assure you that there’s absolutely no nudity in this project post. Unless you’ve got real X-ray vision that is. In which case how dare you! With great power comes great responsibility! This is about trains. In a nutshell, it’s called the “Comfort Zone Display” and it shows potential train passengers where and how heavy the population of any given train is. No more squishies!

Not only is there a gigantic strip along the entire landing area for the train as it stops that shows the density of the population of the train, there’s LEDs everywhere! Included in this system of items is a revamp of status screens, unique information for certain trains (like wi-fi capability,) and all-around ease-in-use improvements for everything having to do with train and train-like transport worldwide.


Designer: 4-id Creative Network

Comfort Zone Display density system for metro and other rail transport by 4-id Creative Network