To Be Cornered!

Have you ever seen a circular barn? You know why they make those? So the DEVIL can’t corner you! That’s what’s up. You know what else is up? This shelf. It’s up off the ground, right in the corner, right where you want it. Designed by Marie Dessuant and titled “Etagère de coin” aka “Corner Shelf,” for probably what you might call obvious reasons. From an extended group of furnitures also by Marie Dessuant called the “Vague Objects” collection. But really, really it’s totally exciting. Totally!

You could put your FIREBALLS on here! 75 x 90 x 210 cm and made entirely of painted wood. A straight shot between furniture and microarchitecture. A single step on a ladder, emphasizing the corner of the room.

Not for houses with small kids or puppies!

Designer: Marie Dessuant

Etagère de coin aka Corner Shelf by Marie Dessuant