Forget the Chair Back

Sometimes you just forget to complete your project. This might SEEM like one of those times, but I say thee nay! This is meant to be exactly what it’s called, the “Uncompleted Chair.” When one lives in a tiny apartment, one finds a place for every essential thing. Or one gets a dirty apartment and one gets kicked out of the complex! So the design duo Chia-Wei, Lin and Jui-Lu, Shih whipped up this chair that’s a container for umbrellas.

You’ve got first, one more bit of space because your back of chair is gone, then another bit of free space because your umbrellas have a place to sit. The illusion of a back of chair then creates an acceptable place for storage where usually only the closet would do.

Designer: Chia-Wei, Lin and Jui-Lu, Shih

Uncompleted Chair by Chia-Wei, Lin and Jui-Lu, Shih