Dolls N Tha Hood

The original title of the story of Little Red Riding Hood was “Little Red Hood.” That title doesn’t really play anymore because that would mean that there was a community of red people living in a group somewhere. What we’ve got HERE is a community of WOOD people living in a group somewhere. And that somewhere is your childrens bedroom! Hooray! This set of dolls are “Baika Dolls” designed by Zuzanna Bukala. Bound and determined to win your heart.

What these toys do is not immediately evident. You might think they’re just some gorgeously cute toys for playing with, clicking and clacking around in a joyous manner. But nay! I’ll tell you what they’re capable of!

They make sounds! Each of these little fairy tale characters emits a different sound once they come in contact with the board that comes with the set. Depending on the scenery and the sound you yourself can program in, a connection is made, and a smile happens!

BONUS: The word Baika is a phonetic spelling of the Polish word “Bajka” which basically means “story.”


Everything is pinewood and hand-painted.

Designer: Zuzanna Bukala